Thursday, October 13, 2016

SAP FICO Beginners Guide

SAP FICO Beginners Guide

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Step by Step Screenshots Guided Handholding Approach to Learning

Explaining FI, CO Modules & Concepts to guide Consultants, Users, End Users gain confidence, get comfortable with and improve productivity using SAP FICO. Beginners who are in their First & Second year of career with SAP FICO will find this book beneficial the most.

How the Chapters are arranged

CHAPTER I - Helps YOU begin using SAP FICO on a strong note.
CHAPTER II - Grasp the concepts for a theoretical foundation on which SAP FICO is designed and built.
CHAPTERS III & IV - Get introduced to Transaction Codes & Standard Reports in SAP FICO.
CHAPTER V - Navigation in SAP FICO put YOU at complete ease with SAP Navigation and a strong footing to move forward confidently.
CHAPTERS VI & VII - Essential SAP Tips & Layout make YOUR SAP FICO experience a pleasure.
CHAPTER VIII - How YOU can work with Standard Reports.
CHAPTERS IX, X & XI - Experience authority in using Standard Reports.

Topics Covered

  • Chapter I Navigation in SAP [Part - I]
  • Chapter II Concepts
  • Chapter III Data Entry
  • Chapter IV Standard Reports in FICO
  • Chapter V Navigation in SAP - [Part II]
  • Chapter VI SAP Tips & Tricks
  • Chapter VII Customizing SAP Layout
  • Chapter VIII Report Parameter Selections
  • Chapter IX List Functions
  • Chapter X ABC Analysis
  • Chapter XI Extract Management

Begin your journey with this book to understand and optimize using SAP FICO to take your career to greater heights.

SAP FICO- Block Book

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This book, SAP FICO Black Book, brings to you a simple to the point non-technical jargon free discussion on SAP FICO along with comprehensive real life examples based on authors real life implementations. One of the first FICO books which cover business cycles rather than plain technical configuration. Targeting intermediate and advanced-level readers, this book discusses Implementation Tools; Enterprise Structure; New GL Configuration; Online Document Splitting; AR; AP; AA; Bank accounting; Integration of FI with Other Modules; Business Processes; Controlling; Cost Center Accounting; Product Costing; Material Ledger Configuration and Profit Center Accounting.
Special Features:
  • Solution Manager the latest implementation tool by SAP
  • Ample Screenshots to demonstrate the step by step FICO implementation which help you to develop SAP skill and knowledge needed to complete in the current professional environment
  • Coverage of functional skill like accounting treatments, etc. required in real life business scenarios
  • Steps to upgrade your knowledge of SAP to version ECC 6.0